Dingo Puppy Takes First Tiny Steps

·2-min read

An adorable Dingo pup has taken her first steps.

Just over a month ago, Lucky the Dingo pup was born into the world at The Australian Reptile Park in dramatic circumstances after her mother Adina underwent an emergency C-section.

Lucky, being the one surviving pup, has become famous and dubbed a "miracle puppy" by thousands of adoring fans on social media.

Since birth, Lucky has been progressing perfectly. When first born, keepers were required to check in on her each day to make sure she was gaining weight and bonding well with Adina, hoping she would not face any health complications. Thankfully, Lucky is one happy and healthy puppy.

Excitingly this week, Lucky has been spotted by keepers for the first time taking the big (but small!) steps out of her secure den that has been dug by Adina herself. This is a very exciting milestone, with Mammal keepers also beginning to introduce meat to her diet.

Head of Mammals Dean Reid says, "We could not be happier to see Lucky growing up into one happy and healthy pup. She has started emerging on her own to come and say hello to us and is beginning to recognise us! It's an incredible feeling to see this little puppy slowly waddle towards you, especially knowing I'm the one that was by her mother's side when she was born and cut the umbilical cord!

"As she continues to get older and more confident with her walking, visitors at the Australian Reptile Park will be able to come and say hello to her!"

For those who want to follow Lucky's journey, the Australian Reptile Park will be posting regular updates on the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok pages, which have a combined 2.345 million followers.