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This $12 car gadget increases fuel efficiency so you can save at the pump

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Tires are sort of like the feet of your car...when they're in good form, the whole body can perform well. But when they're in bad shape, everything is rough and sluggish. Maintaining optimal tire pressure on your car is not only extremely important for safety but it also increases fuel efficiency, saves money and smooths your ride. A portable digital tire pressure gauge makes this easier than ever to keep tabs on. But how to pick the right one? We've found a standout gauge on sale for just $12 (was $16). Meet the superslim, handheld AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge!

A quick tire pressure check with this gizmo can save you gas money and help keep you safe on the road.
$12 at Amazon

Simply place the lighted nozzle on the valve and this gauge reports the pressure of your tire. It even lights up for easy nighttime readings; batteries included. No more fiddling with that old-school gauge that makes you guess the exact pressure (Is it lined up with 57 or 58? Or is it closer to 56?)

Over 42,000 Amazon shoppers have given this gauge a perfect five-star rating and, lucky you, it's over 30% off. Read on to hear what all the fuss is about!

Car tire and digital tire pressure gauge
Your tires will thank you! (Photo: Amazon)

Easy to use and easy to save $$$

We'd all love to take a break from shelling out money on gas right now, not to mention new tires. Guess what? Basic maintenance helps — the proper tire pressure can improve your gas mileage by up to 3%.

Tires should maintain a certain PSI (pressure per square inch), which is usually marked on the side of the tire or inside the door jam. This is not just a throwaway number — the measurement is important for safety, fuel efficiency and much more, so you want a correct reading.

But let's face it: Most people don't do car maintenance if it's a pain, confusing or too expensive. But shoppers say this hits the mark on all fronts.

One five-star fan summarized: "Easy to use and easy to read. Price was right too."

"Great tool to keep in your glove compartment," writes another fan. "This gauge is easy to use and read. Even if your tires 'look' like their pressure is ok, this tool will give you an accurate reading! With gas prices rising, well-inflated tires are important to save gas."

Sometimes, even mechanics get it wrong. "Saved my tires!" said a fan of the gadget. "I had two new tires put on and I didn't know that the guys put 40 pounds of air in my back tires when they should have 30. The alert kept going off in my car so I used this Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and saw that 10 pounds of air needed to be removed. No more alerts!"

Person checking tire pressure at night, gauge lit up
Lights up at night for easy reading! (Photo: Astro AI)

A cinch to read

"Easy-to-read, day or night," reports another happy shopper. "Pretty neat little gauge. It has metric to SAE readings for air for your tires or other things you need to fill up. Has a great little blue light or background so you can read it during the day or night for those hard times when you're trying to put air in your tire at the gas station and you can't read it with the plan gauge."

Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

One appreciative reviewer deemed this gauge to be "as accurate as my $90 Motion Pro 08-0684 digital gauge; they actually read exactly the same at 14% the cost. This proves tire pressure gauges don't have to cost a fortune to be accurate...Digital is definitively better than analog bourdon tube mechanisms. Incorrect tire pressure translates to premature tire wear, degrades ride quality, can increase fuel cost and cause long-term suspension damage. To me, anything beyond a 1.5 lbs reading error is a big deal and unacceptable. I recommend this gauge."

For motorcycles and bikes too

This slim, portable gadget is great for checking motorcycle and bicycle tires on the fly!

A pleased cyclist wrote: "I use this for my bicycle as it is more accurate for weighing, easy to connect, lightweight and lights up for easy read."

Another shopper is grateful to be self-sufficient: "Love it!...So nice not to have ask someone to check my tire pressure! I can't read those things at the gas station. And my bike is now a joy to ride with the correct tire pressure!"

Never struggle to make sense of a gauge reading again with this easy-to-read digital display.
$12 at Amazon

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