Diet Choker: The Necklace That Tells You When You've Eaten Enough

A smart necklace could help dieters stick to their healthy eating plans by warning them when they've eaten too much - or when they go for unhealthy food options.

Dubbed the 'diet choker', the invention monitors everything that goes down the wearer's throat and sends an alert to your phone when you hit your daily calorie count.


The sensor in the necklace responds to vibrations when food and drink is swallowed and in tests was betwqeen 75 and 90 per cent accurate at estimating the type of food and drink going down.

It might be the answer for those of us who can't be bothered to log what we eat in a diet app, as it acts automatically and doesn't require inputting from the user.

WearSens co-founder Majid Sarrafzadeh said: "Many nutrition methods are based on writing down what you eat.

"But this method has low compliance so we wanted to overcome these issues and wanted to do something that a pedometer does for activity."

The app might say no (REX)
The app might say no (REX)

It can also be programmed to buzz if the user misses a meal, or even to alert when the user puffs on a cigarette - if smoking's the vice they're trying to give up.

The contraption is linked to an app which can give additional information about nutrition and calories consumed, and give advice to the user about how their diet pattern could be affecting their energy levels and health.

Currently only in prototype mode, the finished version of this next-level wearable health technology is expected to be available to buy later this year.

They might want  to think about jazzing it up though, because for any image-concious dieters it won't be top of the list of stylish accessories.

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