Chargers release new logo: Did they do better than the Rams?

Austin Ekeler and the Chargers will feature an overhauled roster, a new stadium and a new logo the next time they take the field. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

The new Los Angeles Rams logo revealed on Monday was not a hit.

Fans roasted it on Twitter, with many complaining that it looks like it belongs to their soon-to-be fellow stadium tenants, the Los Angeles Chargers.

As if to confirm they are not adopting the Rams logo as their own — unlike the stadium — the Chargers released their own new logo on Tuesday.

Here it is.

So what’s new?

Can you spot the differences? As with many logo reveals, the changes here are subtle.

The text portion uses a new font, complete with with a lightning-charged “A” in “Chargers.” The lightning bolt image also underwent a slight tweak, dropping a navy blue outline to focus on the team’s alternate powder blue color scheme. The shape of the bolt has also been slightly altered.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of the powder blue uniforms that have a cult following among gear enthusiasts?

Here’s the old logo for comparison.

Old Chargers logo

So what’s the verdict? Do the Chargers have a winning logo on their hands as they attempt to win over Los Angeles fans and get them to actually turn up at their new stadium?

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