What did Ted Heath call the 'unacceptable face of capitalism'? The Weekend quiz

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<span>Photograph: RB/Redferns</span>
Photograph: RB/Redferns

The questions

1 Who gave birth two days after winning an Oscar for On The Waterfront?
2 Which bird is named for its pebble-flipping behaviour?
3 Naomi Parker inspired which US wartime poster?
4 In what country is East Turkestan?
5 Which rock star’s autobiography was called Kiss And Make-Up?
6 What is Scotland’s oldest football club?
7 What did Ted Heath call the “unacceptable face of capitalism”?
8 Which two elements are liquids at standard temperature and pressure?
What links:
Jack and mare; backless shoe; Samuel Crompton; Annette Mills?
10 Johann Strauss II; John Philip Sousa; Benny Goodman; Elvis Presley?
11 1st (0); 2nd (0); 3rd (1); 4th (2); 5th (79); 6th (82)?
12 Books; Images; News; Patents; Shopping?
13 Savoy, 1381; Whitehall, 1698; Westminster, 1834?
14 Venetia; Finsch; Koffiefontein; Cullinan; Kimberley?
15 Bartholomew & Wiseman; Mead & McGinnis; Derbyshire & Harper?

The answers

1 Eva Marie Saint.
2 Turnstone.
3 We Can Do It! (Rosie the Riveter).
4 China.
5 Gene Simmons (from Kiss).
6 Queen’s Park FC (1867).
7 Lonrho (Tiny Rowland).
8 Mercury and bromine.
9 Mule: offspring of male donkey and female horse; mule shoe; invented spinning mule; partnered Muffin the Mule on TV.
10 Musical “kings”: Waltz King; March King; King of Swing; the King (of Rock’n’roll).
11 Number of known moons of planets, in order from Sun: Mercury; Venus; Earth; Mars; Jupiter; Saturn.
12 Google search tools.
13 London palaces destroyed by fire.
14 South African diamond mines.
15 Comedy double acts (real names): Morecambe & Wise; Little & Large; Cannon & Ball.

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