Did you spot Nikita's awkward moment during the MAFS UK reunion?

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

The Married at First Sight UK reunion was absolutely full of drama, as expected, giving us everything from laughing to crying to sheer anger.

On top of the more tense moments (*cough* Luke's bite-back comment to Morag *cough*), we also had funny ones, like the hilarious detail in the boys' outfits. Plus, fans were thoroughly heart-warmed by finding their new favourite person from the show too.

But that's not all, as viewers have now spotted a pretty awkward blunder during Monday night's reunion, and it's all thanks to contestant Nikita Jasmine.

First on Nikita's agenda was to hash things out with Ant Poole, who she was paired with during the experiment, after he apparently blocked her on Instagram following the show.

As Nikita arrived, Ant asked, "Did I not get a hello?" with Nikita replying, "Do you want one, like? You blocked us on Instagram for no reason, so I didn't know."

Fellow contestant Morag Crichton then chimed in, telling Nikita to "Keep your f***ing cool".

Nikita responded with a minor slip of the tongue, causing a *slightly* awkward moment on the MAFS couch.

"I feel like a volcano about to erode," she told Morag, accidentally confusing the word "erode" for, presumably, "explode" or "erupt".

As expected, fans on Twitter found the moment pretty hilarious, with one writing, "Nikita saying she’s like a volcano about to erode," followed by a string of laughing emojis.

Another added, "did Nikita just say “I feel like a volcano about to erode”? erode…. Looooool #MAFSUK".

Plus, one geography teacher even joined the chat, writing, "Also Nikita a volcano isn’t about to erode it’s about to erupt #angrygeographyteacher." So, at least we've all learnt something new today, then.

Hey, we all make mistakes, right?

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