How did season 2 of Ginny & Georgia end?

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Netflix's Ginny & Georgia s2 ending explainedNetflix

After Netflix dropped season two of Ginny & Georgia last week, there was a lot to unpack. From Georgia almost skipping town again with her kids, Ginny and Austin, to her fairytale wedding to Wellsbury's mayor Paul, the latest ten episodes have had their fair share of drama.

But for those who are still stunned by that *dramatic* finale, know that it's not just you. Also know that we, too, want to review the season with a fine tooth comb, especially the ending.

So, here's the complete lowdown of what actually went down in Ginny & Georgia season two.

ginny and georgia

What happened with Georgia's ex and Austin's dad, Gil?

We finally found out how much of a bad guy Gil really is, as Georgia reveals his abusive personality via a series of flashbacks.

Upon being released from prison, he starts blackmailing Georgia, threatening to expose her criminal past unless she lets him in on a slice of Paul's family fortune. After a solid no, things escalate quickly and Austin shoots his dad in the arm after he finds him being violent towards his mum.

This causes Georgia to re-evaluate their lives in Wellsbury, and decides that it's time for the three of them to leave. However, Ginny figures out her mum's plan to skip town before her wedding to Paul and confronts her.

Georgia tells Ginny she's doing it to protect Paul after revealing Gil's plans, but the teen soon calls her out, telling her that it's because she feels she doesn't deserve happiness.

After a mother-daughter heart-to-heart, Georgia confesses to this and admits that she doesn't want to bring Paul down.

Despite these feelings, Ginny convinces her mum to explain everything (well, maybe not the murder parts) to her husband-to-be. Georgia takes her daughter's advice and tells Paul that she framed Gil for embezzlement to get him out of their lives. (He was already embezzling, btw, she just used his own crimes against him to get him caught.)

She also admits to opening up the credit cards in Ginny and Austin's names, which were in fact a front for the money that she stole from Gil after framing him. She also tells him that she stole from work but she returned the money.

Plus, she opens up about Gabriel, the PI investigating her involvement in her ex-husband, Kenny's death. (This is all a lot for one person to take in, right?)

After the big confession session, she also explains Gil's plan about him wanting to take Paul's money once they're married.

"I've been a hustler and a criminal my whole life," she tells him.

How does Paul take it?

After mulling things over, Paul calls Georgia into the office the next day to talk about her past. Expecting to be met with handcuffs and a police car, her fiancé instead introduces her to his attorney.

In a dramatic turn of events, Gil shows up, and Paul accuses him of harassing Georgia, threatening to call his parole officer if he doesn't leave.

He's also told he won't be getting any of the Randolph family fortune, which meant that the wedding was still on, right?

Cue Paul's romantic speech about how he can't live with her...

What about the wedding?

Wedding bells seem to be ringing, and it looks like Georgia has finally found her happy ending after all. Albeit for a hot sec.

After learning that Georgia was present at Cynthia's husband, Tom Fuller's death, Gabriel starts having doubts about her innocence in general and begins pursuing her again.

Meanwhile, Georgia has made it down the aisle and is enjoying her first dance, admitting to herself that what scares her most is being happy. Because then there's always something to lose.

ginny and georgia viewers in shock over plotline

Of course then, who bursts in the break up the party but Gabriel? Georgia is swiftly arrested for the murder of Tom, which is a shock to Ginny, who didn't think there were any more secrets between the two.

Next bombshell - Austin (who is clearly distressed) openly tells his sister that he didn't tell anyone about seeing Georgia kill Tom. How about that for a murder confession?

Amongst the wedding guests - who are majorly freaking out - a mid-credit scene cuts to Georgia who is seen posing for her mugshot and holding up a sign with her new name: Georgia Randolph.

ginny and georgia season 2

What does this mean for Ginny & Georgia season 3?

As it stands, season three is still pending, which means we're not sure whether we'll get to find out what happens next.

If a third series is given the green light though, our guess is that it will centre around Paul and Ginny trying to get Georgia out of prison so that they can live the life they were meant to have before the arrest.

*All fingers crossed*

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