Did Prince Charles really give Camilla a bracelet before marrying Diana?

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Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY - Getty Images
Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY - Getty Images

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Ever since Netflix dropped a new season of The Crown, fans have been totally gripped (and if reports are to be believed, insiders at the palace have been left rather annoyed over the portrayal of Prince Charles...). But the programme, which is based on true events, isn't always 100% accurate – so many have been left wondering if Prince Charles really did give Camilla Parker Bowles a bracelet as a gift, the night before his wedding to Princess Diana?

Naturally, being the nosy parkers that we are, we've done a bit of digging... and it seems that royal biographer, Penny Junor, has confirmed that Charles did indeed give Camilla a bracelet with a 'F' and an 'G' inscribed on it. In The Crown, the G supposedly standing for Gladys (his nickname for Camilla) and F for Fred, Camilla's nickname for the Prince of Wales.

However, Junor says she was told by a royal insider that the exchange happened a few days before the wedding, not the night prior to and that the 'GF' inscribing actually stood for 'Girl Friday' (a term thought to refer to a female assistant who can be relied upon).

As reported by History Extra, Junor also said that Charles ordered jewellery for other women he'd previously been close with during his bachelor years, by way of thanking them, ahead of settling down with Diana.

Photo credit: Anwar Hussein
Photo credit: Anwar Hussein

“All the jewellery had been delivered to the office that Diana was sharing with [Michael] Colborne [Prince Charles' personal secretary] and put on his desk," said Junor. "Colborne was called away to a meeting down the corridor. He left the package of jewellery on his desk and when he came back he met Diana storming out of the office. He quickly realised she had unpacked the boxes, discovered the bracelet and flown into a jealous rage."

Junor also shared that the scene in which Diana is show calling The Queen, attempting to call off the wedding, isn't something that she has ever heard of happening in real life. She says it's highly unlikely Charles and Camilla spent a night together at her home prior to his and Diana's big day either.

"Camilla stepped right back even before the engagement, she totally understood that her relationship with Charles was over," says Junor. "Therefore, Charles wouldn’t have needed to tell her face-to-face. And I think it is absolutely untrue that she and Charles slept together just before the wedding. They are both decent, honourable people."

So there you have it – further confirmation that not everything on The Crown, like most TV shows based on real life stories, is 100% accurate.

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