Did The Marvels’ WandaVision Answer Suffice? Did Fear TWD Jump Multiple Sharks? Did Selling Sunset Nip (Cover) Slip Surprise? More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Fear the Walking Dead, Ms. Marvel, Selling Sunset and The Amazing Race!

1 | If The Marvels picks up right where Ms. Marvel left off, when did Kamala learn the martial moves she busts out during the movie’s first fight sequence? Also, were you satisfied with the finally disclosed cause of the Monica/Carol rift first hinted at in WandaVision?

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2 | So, Power Book IV fans, what’s your bet: Is Force‘s Claudia dead or alive after that jailhouse stabbing?

All Rise Mark Glasses
All Rise Mark Glasses

3 | Why hasn’t All Rise’s Mark been sporting Clark Kent-esque glasses this whole time?

4 | Given how much screentime he got in this week’s Lawmen: Bass Reeves, aren’t you surprised at how quickly the show killed off Garret Hedlund’s Garrett Montgomery?

5 | Fear the Walking Dead’s Tracy jumped off a boat and swam to shore… with her hands tied? Strand went in search of Madison and found her literally seconds later? (But the group that was right behind Strand and Tracy never caught up with them as they stopped to spout exposition?) And the frozen mud in which a herd of walkers was stuck had never defrosted until a handful of main characters showed up there? All together now: Umm… sure!

6 | Was this week’s Kitchen Nightmares the first episode to involve Gordon sending a chef to a therapist? And is it us, or does every made-over restaurant wind up with the same streamlined menu of the same eight to 10 dishes?

7 | We know A Murder at the End of the World’s Darby Hart is only an amateur sleuth, but wasn’t she strangely sloppy while investigating Bill’s hotel room? Why’d she pour baby powder directly onto the carpet while dusting for fingerprints?!

Dancing With the Stars Trenyce
Dancing With the Stars Trenyce

8 | For those who watch Dancing With the Stars and know their early American Idol trivia, how surprised/delighted were you to see Idol Season 2 finalist Trenyce show up as a vocalist on Whitney Houston Night?

9 | NCIS: Sydney’s updated riff on the OG NCIS theme — yea or nay? And did you find it conspicuous (if not bizarre) that so many agents didn’t quickly make the connection between sodium pentothal and “truth serum”?

10 | Do we really think Found’s Sir escaped from Gabi’s basement and was thus spotted near her house?

11 | Place your bets: Will David Boreanaz‘s 27-year employment streak end with SEAL Team’s series finale, or will he book another lead role by then?

12 | Watching AMC’s expanded, three-night edit of the BlackBerry movie, did you Google to see what the real Doug looked like/if he in fact perpetually wore a dorky headband and graphic tee?

Magnum PI
Magnum PI

13 | How would the Amish kid on Magnum P.I. have had a posed photograph of his sister?

14 | Was anyone else thoroughly disappointed that Quantum Leap‘s Ben didn’t get to meet his hero Albert Einstein? And is anyone else wondering if Eliza Taylor originally read for the role of Addison?

15 | How many Amazing Race viewers are booking trips to the supremely gorgeous Slovenia? And which moment shocked you most: When Todd and Ashlie ran past the entrance to the Express Pass or when Steve and Anna Leigh ran up all those stairs without seeing that the pass had already been taken?

16 | Survivor fans: Did Jeff’s new rules for the Survivor Auction leave you satisfied or craving more? And would you have taken a huge bite out of those XL-sized fish eyeballs if you were starving?

17 | What about the Selling Sunset reunion was more surprising: the revelation that Amanza and Jason have hooked up, or the usually sartorially on-point Brie’s distracting nipple covers?

Selling Sunset Reunion
Selling Sunset Reunion

18 | Grishaverse fans, in light of Shadow and Bone’s premature cancellation, do you think the Season 2 finale gave a satisfying enough ending? And where do you think Netflix’s trilogy adaptation went wrong, that it didn’t generate enough traction to leg out at least a third season?

19 | How’s that whole cheap imports thing working out for you, The CW?

20 | We get that Days of Our Lives probably hasn’t built a set for Holly’s bedroom, but was she really about to spark that joint in the middle of the DiMera Mansion living room and think no one would at least smell it? Was she already high?

21 | What’s your take on The Crown‘s post-death appearances by Diana and Dodi: tasteful, or ghastly?

22 | We know Frasier and Lilith like to trade barbs, but was all the bickering back and forth this week a little too much?

23 | Maybe not this coming spring (since ABC will simply be scrambling to get any new episodes made), but do you think a 9-1-1/Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover event is an eventuality? And taking a closer look at ABC’s midseason plan… isn’t Will Trent (now airing Tuesdays at 8 pm) more of a 10 pm show? And doesn’t Good Doctor (now airing Tuesdays at 10, after The Rookie) feel more like an 8 pm show?

Elias Koteas
Elias Koteas

24 | Is there a world in which Law & Order: Organized Crime does not cast Elias Koteas as one of Christopher Meloni’s TV brothers? Or is there a Dick Wolf Universe conflict, given Koteas’ run as Chicago P.D.‘s Al?

25 | Is it past time for LEGO Masters’ Christopher to stop like acting like every challenge, every twist and every bonus reward is the most amazing incredible unexpected exciting thing ever?

26 | Does The Daily Show have a winning co-hosting duo in Leslie Jones and Jordan Klepper, who were unexpectedly paired on Jones’ last night as guest host? Or do you still hope that one of the other guest hosts who filled in this year gets the full-time job?

27 | For All Mankind fans, are you glad to see that the various space programs learned their lesson after Kelly and Alexei’s unplanned pregnancy on Mars?

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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