Did Love Is Blind's Nancy just hint that she's still single on TikTok?

love is blind fans think nancy hinted she's single
Did LIB's Nancy hint she's still single on TikTok?Netflix

Love Is Blind season three is very nearly coming to a close (*cries*), which means we're finally going to find out which couples have officially tied the knot. And now, fans reckon they've spotted a huge hint from contestant Nancy Rodriguez - suggesting that she could still be single.

To recap, episode ten saw couple SK and Raven heading down the aisle, though SK shockingly said "I don't" at the altar. Then, we saw Nancy and Bartise prepping for their wedding day, though the episode left us on a painful cliffhanger.

The S3 finale airs next Wednesday (9 November), where we'll find out the fates of Nancy and Bartise, plus our other three couples: that's Brennon and Alexa, Matt and Colleen, and Zanab and Cole.

love is blind viewers think nancy hinted she's single on tiktok

However, fans think they've already found a giant clue suggesting that Nancy is still single, thanks to her TikTok. What's more, watching the finale trailer, eagle-eyed viewers also landed on a pretty intriguing spoiler hinting at whether Nancy and Bartise get married at all.

As for Nancy's latest TikTok, we see her taking a short break from some DIY to mime into a paintbrush-turned-microphone, "I'm thankful for myself because I love myself."

Nancy added the text, "POV: I love myself most! Love from you is extra." She went on to share the caption, "Love my mind, soul and body. Love from anyone else is extra 😍😘🥰."

Intriguing. Of course, Nancy's message is a solid one for anybody, but fans do reckon it points towards her now being single. Does the "anyone else" = Bartise? Or is her no longer in the picture? We need answers!

Nancy's Love Is Blind co-star Zanab Jaffrey jumped straight into the comments, writing, "Extra extra EXTRA love from mes 🥰 [sic]."

Meanwhile, others pointed out Nancy's newly-dyed hair, nodding towards the classic link between breakups and hair changes. One follower commented, "Ohhhh the hair change 🥰 we know what that means."

A third also added, "So if that’s the case then we know she said no 🥰."

Looks like we'll have to wait another week to find out. We're on edge.

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