Did You Know You Could Grate Cheese In Your Food Processor?

·1-min read

We know what you're thinking... a hack for grating cheese, is that really necessary? Well yes, because let's face it, grating cheese is one of the most mundane kitchen tasks you ever have to do. It's a faff, and a faff we'd like to banish for good.

Lo and behold, TikTok has dropped a hack for just that. And when we say this is life-changing, we really mean this is life-changing.

Thanks to @thedailyspeshyl on TikTok, we've just discovered that you can use your food processor to grate blocks of cheese. That's right, your food processor!

According to @thedailyspeshyl, almost every basic food processor comes with a grating blade/disc, which many people don't know about. Meaning it's as simple as switching out your blades and cutting your blocks of cheese to size (so that they fit through the processor feed) and pressing a button.

In @thedailyspeshy's video, they explain that they managed to grate five blocks of cheese in just 30 seconds. Talk about easy?

Sitting on a whopping 863,000 views, along with 87,000 likes and hundreds of comments, it looks like we're not the only ones that had no clue a food processor could do this!

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