How did Emma Chamberlain pick her very first Met Gala look?

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Photo credit: Mike Coppola - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Coppola - Getty Images

Cosmopolitan cover star Emma Chamberlain made her Met Gala debut at last night's event, and what a debut it was. The YouTube icon teamed up with Louis Vuitton to bring the look to life, and wowed us all with an asymmetric, studded gown styled with gold jewellery, gold heels and 60s style makeup. As far as first Met Gala looks go, this one gets a seal of approval from us. But, how did she choose it?

Speaking to PopSugar about the outfit, Emma said: "I've been working with Louis Vuitton for a while now and it's been so effortless. At first, we were bouncing basic ideas back and forth, which was very collaborative."

She continued, "Then Nicolas Ghesquière [Louis Vuitton's creative director] came back to me with a custom look idea. He actually sent two over and after a lot of thinking, I chose my favourite."

"I'm really open-minded and I put a lot of trust into the designer and stylists because this is their art and, in a sense, a canvas for them," Emma added.

"What I really love about the dress is the daintiness. I felt like it would fit my body in a way that was comfortable, but it also just gave me a certain feeling. When I look at a piece of clothing, I focus less on a specific feature or element and more on the subconscious feeling it gives me."

She also revealed her favourite Louis Vuitton Met Gala look from previous years. "I feel like Louis Vuitton is so great at matching outfits to people's personalities, so it's hard to choose," she said, "But, I will say Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas could be my favourite, because I'm such a Jonas Brothers fan. So this was the complete package for me."

We already can't wait to see what Emma wears at next year's Met!

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