Did you catch the sweet PDA moment between Prince William and Kate Middleton at the BAFTAs?

catherine princess of wales and prince william attend the ee bafta film awards together kate is in a white dress with black elbow length gloves and the prince is in a velvet tuxedo
Flirty moment between Will and Kate at BAFTAsChris Jackson - Getty Images

Plenty has been said over the years about protocols the Royal Family must follow, including keeping physical contact to one another to a bare minimum (at least in public) – but Prince William and his wife of more than a decade, Catherine, Princess of Wales, very much bucked that trend last night, whilst attending the BAFTAs. Date night, anyone?

Typically the royal couple, who have been together for more than twenty years, keep public displays of affection to a minimum whilst carrying out their duties, but last night eagle-eyed fans caught two sweet (and dare we say... flirty?) moments between them. The first being when Catherine was keen to get William's attention as he waved to the gathered crowd, as they entered the event.

As they walked the red carpet together, Catherine made a little grab at William's hand – right at the moment he was giving excited BAFTA fans a wave – and when he realised his wife was keen to be closer to him, he quickly touch her shoulder and leant his head closer to hers. Sweet!

Later, things stepped up a little notch, when Catherine was also spotted giving William a flirty little pat on the behind too, which again was very much vibing date night:

Plenty of royal fans picked up on the cute moments too, with one writing on Twitter that they were the definition of a power couple: "When you think about s Prince snd Princess, a happily married couple, a power couple, a future King And Queen... THIS is what you imagine! Catherine & William are thriving like it is theirs alone!"

We love to see it.

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