Dictador Create First Ever 'Billion Dollar' Rum

Colombia’s Dictador has created the world’s first ‘billion dollar’ line of rum. The Dictador M-City Golden Cities line is the haute couture of the spirits world. It is an invitation-only purchase available to only the most discerning individuals. These individuals have the rare opportunity to visit Dictador's distillery in Cartagena in Colombia and create a personalised one-of-a-kind blend of extremely aged rum in collaboration with their master distillers. There will never be two bottles with the same blend. M-City, one of the world's most sought-after contemporary street artists, will create 24-carat gold bottles depicting the map of the city that is closest to each buyer’s heart. Each city will only be portrayed once, underlining the once-in-a-lifetime character of each blend. Each bottle is expected to have a value stretching into millions of dollars. Once the total number of sales tops a billion dollars, it will be closed forever. The first bottles have already been sold, with the price for each bottle starting at $1.5 million.