Dick and Dom: 'Our stuff might be too edgy for TV now'

Talking to Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain, TV comedy duo Dick & Dom claimed they wouldn't get commissioned on children's television now as their games may now be considered 'too edgy'.

Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV / ITV Hub

Video transcript

RICHARD MADELEY: You said you probably wouldn't get it on air today-- you wouldn't fly today. What do you mean?

- Well, I think some of the content I think would be seen as maybe a bit edgy, you know? We had some games that had kind of slightly--

RICHARD MADELEY: Your poppies licking vases, didn't you?

- Poppies, they lick their own vases.

RICHARD MADELEY: Well, what's wrong with that? I was going to say, so what?

- There was another game called What a Sweaty Flat. That was a good one. We had, what other games? We have lots of different silly games.

RICHARD MADELEY: Make dick sick.

- Make dick sick.

- And of course, creamy muck muck.


- Would you love to be covered in creamy muck muck?

RICHARD MADELEY: I wouldn't say no.

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