Dianna Agron insists rumour about Glee's Quarterback episode is 'very untrue'

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Dianna Agron has dismissed a rumour that she was barred from Glee's tribute episode to Cory Monteith.

While speaking to Rolling Stone for an interview published on Sunday, the Glee actress addressed a rumour surrounding her absence in the show's Quarterback episode. The episode, released in October 2013, paid tribute to series star Cory, who died earlier that year.

Despite playing his character's ex-girlfriend in the series, Dianna did not appear in the episode. Reports arose that Dianna had been barred from appearing in it.

Insisting that the claim was "not true", Dianna told Rolling Stone, "I think there are so many false pieces of information out there."

She explained, "That's the weirdest thing that you have to learn in this industry - you don't comment on things that are untrue, because that gives them more space. Maybe at the end of my career I'll write a book and go into detail on everything that was very true and very untrue."

Elsewhere in her interview, Dianna admitted she felt "strange" thinking about having been 22 years old during Glee, adding, "If I see footage of myself from that period, I see my youth and I see the heart and community and family we had with each other. It's emotional, nostalgic, heartwarming, and career-affirming."