Dianna Agron feels 'so lucky' to have known Naya Rivera

Dianna Agron remembers Naya Rivera credit:Bang Showbiz
Dianna Agron remembers Naya Rivera credit:Bang Showbiz

Dianna Agron feels "so lucky" to have known Naya Rivera.

The 35-year-old actress starred alongside Naya - who died in a drowning accident aged 33 whilst on a boating trip back in July 2020 -on 'Glee' and spoke of how close she and her tragic co-star were on set of the hit musical series.

She said: "Naya was my first friend on set. We were quite isolated, because we weren’t involved in the entire pilot. We had our very brief moments in the pilot, and everybody else was very involved in the singing, dancing, and all the rehearsals. So, she was my point person and we kind of instilled each other with confidence in those moments. She was just very unique and special in the way she carried herself with such confidence and certainty. If she believed in something, or in you as a person, she would always uplift those ideas."

The 'As They Made Us' actress played head cheerleader Quinn Fabray on 'Glee' while Naya - who is survived by husband Ryan Dorsey and their now-six-year-old son Josey - took on the role of her best friend Santana Lopez and Dianna went on to describe her former co-star as a very "strong" woman who had "years and years" of love to give.

Speaking on the 'Allison Interviews' podcast, she told host Allison Kugel: "She was very, very strong in a way that I think I have adapted to moments in my own life that have been quite difficult and the adversity you can overcome if you experience it at a young age that makes you more resilient. She had that strength in spades. Any strength that I had she had ten times more of it. It was really inspiring and nurturing to be around. She was also wickedly funny and had the best comedic timing. She is one of the people that I speak about when I say it’s so strange to think she is not here. She had years and years of love and gifts to give people, and I was so lucky to know her."

Listen to the full episode at https://www.youtube.com/embed/bMF7Oc_z1dw