Are Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Finally Getting Married? Here's A Top 20 Gallery Of The Couple's Cutest Moments

There's nothing that makes Grazia Daily happier than seeing a loved-up couple in Cannes. In past years, Brad Pitt has guaranteed a stir at the film festival thanks to having either Jennifer Aniston *wistful* or Angelina Jolie on his arm but! This year, Bradders was noticeably without a lady friend on the red carpet (we blame that brizzily beard), allowing other lovebirds to take centre stage.

We've seen Robert Pattinson secretly smooching Kristen Stewart, Nicole Kidman tackling the red carpet with hubby Keith Urban, Kirsten Dunst getting cosy with new beau Garrett Hedlund and lest we forget formidable duo Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (affectionately known in these parts as 'Kimye') taking the festival by storm in matching bling and glasses of champagne.

But there's one Cannes couple that we just cannot get enough of here at Grazia HQ. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you our current couple crush: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson.

You may have noticed we've long been followers of Diane's sartorial steps but TBH, we've been fans of Joshua Jackson for even longer. Two words: Dawson's Creek. Yep, Pacey Witter was the dreamboat of a boyfriend that our 14-year-old selves longed for and to see him paired up with one of the chicest girls on the fashwan block makes. us. melt.

So praise be for this week of red carpet rounds and swanky parties on the French Rivera - it's delivered more Diane x Josh than we could possibly wish for. As one of the judges on this year's panel, La Krugz has cracked out a bevvy of gorgeous gowns – from that feathery white Nina Ricci beauty to the swooshy Giambattista Valli number and the floral frock for last night's amfAR gala – all topped off with a be-suited Josh.

Mr Jackson has proved to be the perfect gentleman, escorting his lady friend up that daunting flight of red-carpeted-stairs *shudders*, covering her coiffed tresses with an umbrella and generally gazing at her in an utterly besotted stylee - and all without a hint of envy that she's the one in the limelight. Quite frankly, Monsieur Jackson may be Our Ideal Man.

Anyhoo, before we get TOO carried away our point is this: the gorgeous pair are rumoured to be getting hitched! Hoorah hooray! According to (totally reliable source) Perez Hilton, the pair were talking wedding bells at the Nights in Monaco gala benefit on Wednesday night. During the gala's live auction, Josh bid for — and bought — a necklace with 11.7 carats of white diamonds set in 18-karat rose gold for $45,000, which he described as the 'the perfect engagement gift.' See? He's perfect.

We already know the couple wear commitment rings but the actress has confessed she has serious reservations about marriage. 'I believe in a commitment that you make in your heart. There's no paper that will make you stay,' she said last year. But oh, the thought of Diane's wedding dress makes us giddy – surely her fashion fairy godmother father Karl Lagerfeld will be the man for the job?

This exciting news has sent us into a spin of excitement (natch) and got us trawling through Grazia's picture archives to dig up a selection of snaps for your perusal. Can you believe these two have been together for SIX YEARS? This has provided us with an ample amount of magical moments that we can oogle over. That may sound slightly creepy but we just don't care – take a look for yourselves! From partying at Coachella to wearing matchy-matchy Ray Bans, the gallery above is our homage to Diane and Josh. Long may they reign.

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