Diane Kruger happy she waited to have child

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Diane Kruger happy she waited to have kids credit:Bang Showbiz
Diane Kruger happy she waited to have kids credit:Bang Showbiz

Diane Kruger didn't want to make "any sacrifice" to have children.

The 45-year-old actress - who welcomed her first child with partner Norman Reedus into the world in 2018 and is yet to publicly reveal her name - admitted she was "very selfish" when she was younger and is happy she waited to have her daughter until she was in her 40s because she didn't think she was "ready" for parenthood before then and wouldn't have enjoyed it in the way that she does now.

Speaking on the 'Reign with Josh Smith' podcast, she said: "It felt like at times I was very selfish, putting my life, my desires, my career first and sort of not letting anyone stand in my way so that certainly hurts relationships or friendships at times.

"In terms of sacrifices, I don't feel like I've really made many and maybe that's the reason why I had a child really late because I felt like I didn't wanna make any sacrifice. I

didn't wanna slow down. I didn't want to have anyone to worry about…

"For me, I never wanted to be a mother for a very long time. I just did not have the maternity thing in me. I didn't feel like I was missing a child. I wanted to live my life as I wanted it.

"I had a really great life. I travelled, I worked, I did whatever I wanted. I didn't have any points of attachment really anywhere and I'm really glad I waited, the desire to have a child came much, much later.

"And for me it was the best thing because now I was ready for it. I went to all the parties I needed to go to. I travelled the world. not that I don't go to parties anymore, but it's not as urgent.

"I enjoy being a mother and I love being home. I love just my family life today and I don't think I would've appreciated it as much.”

The '355' actress admitted she was "frustrated" at constantly being asked about her family plans over the years as she doesn't think male stars face such scrutiny.

She said: “I think from the time I was in my late twenties really that's when it started. I feel like all my career in interviews I’ve been asked - ‘So do you want a family?’ It's really no one's business and no one really ever asks those kinds of questions of male actors, that's never part of an interview.

"So as I was getting older, I was getting more frustrated with that question. Not because I felt attacked, but I just feel like why does that question have to be part of being a

complete woman, you know, feeling that notion of, ‘Oh she's choosing her career over motherhood,’ as if that was something bad, because men do it all the time. Does it matter?

"It's everybody's choice and just because you make a child, it doesn't make you a better person.”

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