Diane Keaton reflects on shooting 'moving' moment for Book Club 2

Diane Keaton has reflected on shooting a particularly "moving" scene for Book Club: The Next Chapter.

In the sequel to 2018's Book Club, the Annie Hall actress reprises her role as Diane, with Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen also returning.

The follow-up sees the friends take their book club to Italy, and during an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, Diane discussed how her and Jane's characters share a "quiet" moment in which they discuss regrets and missed opportunities.

"It was moving for me. It just went well, let's put it that way," she said. "Because sometimes you're so worried about a certain thing, especially if it pertains to emotions and feelings and concern and worry and all those. The truth is that if you just let it go and you're with someone that you really respect, it makes it all work."

Elsewhere in the conversation, Diane noted that she had no hesitations about returning for the new movie, especially as it meant they could film in Europe.

"We did the first one, and it was really fun. And then the second one was going to be in Europe. I thought it worked out well. Of course, the people I was working with are brilliant, so that helped. And, you know, there are the happy parts, like where men have to like me. Those little, tiny moments when men have to like me," the star joked.

Book Club: The Next Chapter is set to open in cinemas on 12 May.