Diane Keaton 'kind and gracious' during kissing scenes

Diane Keaton 'kind and gracious' during kissing scenes credit:Bang Showbiz
Diane Keaton 'kind and gracious' during kissing scenes credit:Bang Showbiz

Diane Keaton was "kind and gracious" about her 'Mack Rita' kissing scene with Dustin Milligan.

Dustin, 37, revealed that Diane, 76, put him at ease for the kiss between their characters by acting as if she was as nervous as he was.

He told Collider: "Usually, these things are somewhat technical. You have to figure out who’s gonna tilt on one side or the other, and how far you lean in. Those kinds of technical conversations always happen. And then, there’s this awkward thing where you have 40 to 50 people watching you do it, making sure you do it right, and judging whether or not you’re doing a good job. And then, you know that there’s an entire audience, in multiple theaters, that are gonna also be doing the exact same thing. That’s a lot of pressure sometimes.

"This was good though because Diane was very kind and gracious about it, and she was acting as though she was as nervous as I was. I don’t know if she actually was, but she was giving off that vibe, which made it more relaxing for both of us."

In the movie, Diane plays the future version of Elizabeth Lail's Mack Martin, with Dustin playing their love interest.

Elizabeth previously played 'Frozen's Anna in the fantasy adventure series 'Once Upon a Time' and admitted that the pressure of portraying a character also played by Diane was much greater.

She said: "I think that the pressure of embodying Diane is a little higher. Although, at the time, it felt like the pressure to embody Anna was extremely high because it was important to all 12-year-olds everywhere.

"It’s so funny, it’s such a joy to get to do that. I love that aspect of the homework, to get to study someone and take on a rhythm, or a hand gesture, or whatever it is. That’s really fun for me. I love doing it. I didn’t even think about that. I watched 'Frozen' maybe a hundred times, and I watched all of Diane’s movies. It was maybe a tad more entertaining to watch Diane’s movies, but I love 'Frozen', don’t get me wrong."