Detox Kitchen’s Green Cleanse: a quick and easy digestive reset

Suzannah Ramsdale
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<p>Detox Kitchen’s Green Cleanse</p> (Detox Kitchen)

Detox Kitchen’s Green Cleanse

(Detox Kitchen)

After the excesses of Christmas comes the January detox.

For me, at least, it’s an annual routine. The exact shape of that health kick takes a different form each year - last year I did the F45 8-week challenge, which is intense but results-driven (I lost 9lbs). For 2021 I needed something gentler and easier and opted for Detox Kitchen’s Green Cleanse.

I’m a big fan of Detox Kitchen, a London company which delivers fresh, organic, healthy meals to your door. They use top quality, mostly British, ingredients and most dishes are plant-based. What Detox Kitchen is known for though are its cleanse and maintain meal plans.

I tried out the Green Cleanse which is the least calorific plan at 1,100 calories per day. It’s certainly not a longterm eating plan but for a reset it’s perfect. Detox Kitchen founder Lily Simpson says: “We created the Green Cleanse program because there was a growing demand from our customers for something similar to a juice fast or for a 5:2 option. As I don't advocate juice fasts or actually any type of highly restrictive fasting, I wanted to create a program that met the demands of our customers, something lower in calories that was highly nutritious but tasty and enjoyable too.”

Other options include the Protein Cleanse, Vegan Cleanse and Green with Protein Cleanse.

What does the meal plan involve?

The portions are controlled and low-calorie but I felt as if there was always something to eat or drink. A typical day went like this: juice, breakfast, ginger shot, lunch, juice, turmeric shot, herbal tea, snack, dinner, pudding.

Breakfasts felt substantial. During the cleanse I enjoyed buckwheat granola with almond milk & berries, banana bread with almond butter (particularly delicious) and a roasted vegetable frittata.

I don’t usually have especially indulgent lunches during the week but this section of the cleanse was the hardest for me. I had roasted cauliflower, cannellini bean and tahini salad; Lebanese salad with chickpeas and hummus; and a Mexi-corn salad filled with corn, peppers, black beans, red cabbage and lettuce. All lovely and fresh but, for me, not filling enough.

The dinners were the highlight and are designed to be the most hearty part of the meal plan. I tucked into Tempeh Rendang curry, veggie bolognese and massaman curry.

Pudding came in the form of healthy little nut truffles and the juices were refreshing. My personal favourite was the Lemon-aid made with lemon, ginger, maple syrup and water.

How long does the Green Cleanse last?

The Detox Kitchen recommend doing it for five days to see the full benefits.

Is delivery straightforward?

It’s dead easy. Each day the meals will be delivered to your front door and left outside in the early hours of the morning. If, like me, you live in a flat and parcels cannot be left outside, there is the option to pay for the premium delivery service and they will ring the bell and deliver into your hands at the far more sociable hours of 7-10am.


The cleanse meal plans are a great way to kickstart healthy eating habits. I had gotten into bad habits during the last year with lockdowns and Christmas; my portions were too big, I wasn’t incorporating enough veg and was definitely going too heavy on the carbs.

Used as a brief reset, the Green Cleanse has made me feel lighter, my stomach is flatter and it’s given me a renewed awareness about what I put on my plate and in my body.

Easy to follow, filling and tasty… I’m already looking forward to my next detox.


£31.45-£37 per day;

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