Detergent Is The Unexpected Solution To Clean Stained Oven Racks

dirty kitchen oven
dirty kitchen oven - irkus/Shutterstock

When it comes to cleaning our kitchens, one of the most overlooked items that often demands attention is the oven rack. We pop in casseroles, roast our turkeys, and bake our favorite cookies, giving little thought to the residue and stains that accumulate on the oven racks over time. Spending hours scrubbing away the crusty, caked-on bits doesn't sound enticing, and leaving the racks inside the oven during a self-cleaning cycle is not an option.

Unfortunately, this is due to the self-cleaning cycle using extremely high temperatures that can discolor and potentially damage the metal of the oven racks. As is often the case, the most effective solution to this perennial problem is neither new nor high-tech. It also doesn't require a trip to the specialty aisle at the home improvement store since you most likely have it readily available in your home — detergent.

Yes, that same powdered or liquid detergent that revives your stained clothes and brightens your whites can also work wonders on those challenging oven rack stains. Simply combine the detergent's cleaning properties and a little elbow grease and you'll have your stained oven racks looking brand new.

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Steps To Cleaning Stained Oven Racks With Detergent

woman pouring detergent onto a sponge
woman pouring detergent onto a sponge - Mr Boiko Oleg/Shutterstock

The first step is to ensure the racks have cooled down sufficiently if you've recently used the oven. Then begin by removing the oven racks from your kitchen appliance. Prepare your bathtub by filling it with hot water or get a tub or basin big enough to submerge your racks. Pour a generous amount of the laundry detergent into the hot water, ensuring it's well mixed. The idea is to create a soapy mixture that's slightly more concentrated than what you'd use for laundry.

Next, immerse the oven racks fully into the soapy water and ensure that they're adequately covered. Allow the racks to soak for at least six hours or better yet, overnight. This prolonged soaking period will allow the detergent to penetrate and soften the stubborn, baked-on grime. After the soaking period, take a non-abrasive scrubbing pad or brush and gently scrub away the stains.

Thanks to the detergent, you'll find that most of the grime comes off easily, and those tough stains that once seemed impossible are now a breeze to remove. Once you're satisfied with the cleanliness of the racks, rinse them thoroughly with clean water and dry them. Your sparkling clean racks are now ready for more baking adventures.

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