Designers Unveil Sleek New Boat Designed To Break The World Sailing Speed Record

Designers have unveiled a sleek new boat created to break the world sailing speed record. The SP80 is a concept sailing boat from a company of the same name. The futuristic 23-footer, which was first unveiled as a concept in early 2019 measures 7m long and 6m wide. Midway between a boat, a plane and a Formula 1 car, the boat's target speed is 80 knots (150 km/h) with the goal to pulverise the current world sailing speed record The SP80 is equipped with a giant kite that spans roughly 65 feet and helps it fly across the waves. It’s also fitted with a special “super-ventilated” foil that works to position the boat at the surface of the water to ensure stability even at breakneck speeds. Furthermore, the engineers are working on an innovative new power module that transmits energy from the kite to the foil while the vessel is soaring. The SP80 is due to hit the water in Summer 2022, with the record attempt slated for the end of that year.

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