Designer of Sam Smith's iconic Brit Awards latex jumpsuit says he was inspired by his dog

The singer wore the inflatable one-piece on the red carpet at Saturday's award ceremony.

Credit: @GMB / 'Good Morning Britain', ITV

Video transcript

- To me, it looked like an installation in the Tate Modern. You know? How do you go about designing something like that? And how do you get into it, as well?

HARRI: I think it was in 2020 I started designing these inflatable trousers. I started thinking of what is from my dog's point of view.

- Sorry, your--

HARRI: My dog's point of view.

- You're dog's point of view.

HARRI: I have a small dog, yes. His names is Kai. He's back in Kerala, my hometown. And it's just me thinking from his point of-- how you would be seeing me from such a short, small angle. And that made me think--

- Such a distorted image.

HARRI: Yes, Distorted body image. That's what I was thinking about. Yeah, and then it all started.

- Wow. But the thing is, of course, this is artwork, isn't it? It's not-- I mean you're a--