Designer Rebecca Taylor On Dressing Kate Middleton And The A-list: EXCLUSIVE

Grazia26 April 2012

Vivien Sheriff, Kiki McDonough, Penelope Chilvers… Kate Middleton’s not afraid to turn to a slightly under-the-radar designer. So when she stepped out in Rebecca Taylor’s tweed blue suit earlier today we shouldn’t have been surprised. But was the New York-based designer taken aback too? We’ve heard that the designer knew that the Duchess of Cambridge was due to wear one of her looks but didn’t know when so she was understandably delighted to see that day was the day.

'I got out of the elevator this morning and my team had stuck a picture of her wearing the outfit on the wall opposite,' she says. 'I am a Catherine Middleton freak – ever since she came on the scene I said: ‘I want to dress that girl.’ It’s a dream come true.' Indeed, Rebecca told Time magazine that she would love to dress the Duchess. 'I just think she’s beautiful; I think she’s doing a great job, and I love William.'

In opting for Rebecca Taylor’s tweed suit from the Pre Fall 2012 collection, Kate is following in good company. Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung and Cate Blanchett have all worn the New Zealander’s designs (take a peek in the gallery above), which have also appeared on Gossip Girl. So who is the Taylor woman? ‘She’s confident, cool and feminine,’ the designer told Grazia Daily today. ‘She loves fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously. She knows how to have fun with it!’

Designer Rebecca Taylor On Dressing Kate Middleton And The A-list: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW
Designer Rebecca Taylor On Dressing Kate Middleton And The A-list: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Taylor grew up and trained in costume design in New Zealand before moving to New York to pursue her fashion career. She believes her Antipodean background has influenced his designs. ‘Well, I have always felt that anything is possible with perseverance and determination.  In general, I think Kiwi’s have that “anything is possible” attitude. Having that instilled in me has allowed me to take chances in my life, which has brought me to where I am today. New York can be an intimidating place, but having the right attitude and the motivation – anything really is possible here.’

There’s no reason for her to be intimidated. The A-list and now royalty love Rebecca Taylor. ‘I love Kirsten Dunst and Alexa Chung, I think they look great in Rebecca Taylor,’ she tells us. And something tells us she’ll be quite chuffed about the inevitable Kate Effect that’s going to happen, too…

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