Design Graduate Creates 'Cow Sex Toys' To Highlight Farming Conditions

Design Graduate Creates 'Cow Sex Toys' To Highlight Farming Conditions. Central Saint Martins graduate Ece Tan has used her design skills for an unusual purpose - creating sex toys for cows. Her Happy Cow creations may be speculative designs rather than a product ready for market, but they are meant to get people talking about whether we can give the animals “the dignity of pleasure”. By creating the sex toys she hopes to reimagine unavoidable parts of farming, such as insemination or milking as more pleasurable experiences for the cows. There are three speculative sex toys in the final collection, an artificial inseminator dildo, a milking teat cup massager and a ribbed and dotted examination glove. Ece’s designs draw on research about how mammals experience pleasure and pain. Over the past 20 years various research papers have revealed that many other animals experience pleasure during sexual encounters and partake in this for reasons other than fertility. She hopes her designs will make the experiences farmed cows go through more “tangible” to humans and spark a discussion as to how farming can be made more humane for the animals.

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