Derek Blasberg Dishes On Holidaying With Alexa Chung: 'London Creates The Best Folks'

There was one chap Grazia Daily was very pleased to see this London Fashion Week: Derek Blasberg. We've become rather fond of the American fashion writer, editor and author since he used cats to teach us Christmas etiquette (remember?). And let's not forget this is the man that gave us an insight into his hipster holiday with Alexa Chung...

'It was loads of fun,' the dapper Derek told us when we corned him for a chat. 'I’d go anywhere with Alexa but the Bahamas isn’t bad at all.' Indeed. And will he be adding any more of our Brits to his NYC crew? 'In fashion, you meet a lot of creative, amazing types and a lot of them are actually from London. Really it’s this town that creates the best folks if I may say so.' You may! When asked if he's taken Chungers under his wing, Derek asserted 'Alexa can fly pretty well solo, I don’t think she needs my wings at all.'

Speaking of brilliant Brits, Mr Blasberg is a firm fan of one of our finest designers. 'I love two things about Henry Holland,' he said. 'On the one hand, he makes fantastic colourful clothes with a bit of a wink for boys and girls which is nice. But what I really like about Henry is Henry himself. He’s a great guy, actually quite reliable given it’s the fashion industry, good sense of humour and I think one of the reasons he’s done so well and one of the reason’s there’s so many wonderful chicks here today is because he is a great guy.' We couldn't agree more.

Watch our interview with Derek in the video below...

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