Denise Richards feels 'grateful to be safe' following road-rage incident

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Denise Richards feels "grateful to be safe" following a scary road-rage incident earlier this month.

The actress and her husband Aaron Phypers were shocked to discover a bullet hole in their truck when they arrived at a studio in Los Angeles following an encounter with an enraged driver.

The World Is Not Enough star praised her fans for showering them with support following the incident in an Instagram post in honour of Thanksgiving.

"I want to give my sincerest thanks to all who have reached out to me and Aaron during this time. We are both very grateful to be safe. The love and support from all of you has been overwhelming!! We are so thankful for each and every one of you," she wrote.

Earlier this month, Aaron was driving Denise to a movie shoot in Los Angeles when the driver behind them became irritated by their struggle to find the studio. Both drivers subsequently had a confrontation through their car windows and Aaron apologised and drove off.

When they arrived at the studio, they noticed their vehicle had been shot on the back end on the driver's side.

The 51-year-old broke her silence on the incident on Twitter hours later after a troll wrote, "Don’t care kinda hope she would have taken a grazing shot to the neck honestly".

She retweeted the user's message and replied, "Thank you. I would never wish any harm on anyone. What I experienced yesterday with my husband,not that you care. Was the most terrifying situation I have ever been in. I’m sorry a shot didn’t graze my neck…a*shole (sic)."