Demi Lovato teases new tour, which just might save lives

Taryn Ryder
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
Demi Lovato performing at New York City Center on Jan. 24, 2018. (Photo: Getty Images)

Demi Lovato is loving life right now. As the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer gets ready to embark on her sixth headlining tour, she is performing a few shows first to give back to her fans.

Lovato, 25, talked with Yahoo ahead of Friday’s concert at the House of Blues in Dallas, where she has partnered with American Airlines and MasterCard to do an intimate performance before hitting the road for her Tell Me You Love Me Tour.

“This show actually gives me the opportunity to have intimate performances with my fans and create some memories with them,” Lovato said. “What I love about the big arena shows is that you get to put on more of a show with more production and you really get to express yourself with your art, choreography, and video content. But what’s really cool about intimate shows is you get to talk to the audience more. You get to be up close and personal with them.”

Tonight, she said, “fans can expect … more acoustic-type songs, very up close and personal, [that] will feel more intimate.”

The Tell Me You Love Me Tour will have a different feel, however. “I want to put on a show for them,” Lovato said. “I want the entire show to express who I am personally as an artist.”

One challenge is performing old songs — which happen to be some of her biggest hits — that she feels she has grown out of. When asked if there are any tunes she sometimes doesn’t look forward to singing on stage, two came to mind.

“Yeah, sometimes there are songs like ‘Heart Attack’ or ‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ which don’t really represent the type of artist I am today, but they did so much for my career that I’m grateful for them,” she said. “You know, I try to make it as fun as possible for myself and the audience.”

As for her favorite songs of the moment?

“Right now I love performing ‘Cry Baby’ off of my new album. I also love performing ‘Concentrate.'”

On each stop of Lovato’s upcoming tour, fans will be offered free sessions with mental health professionals.

“I think it’s just a great opportunity and it went so well last year,” she stated. “It changed some lives and saved some lives too from what people have told me, so I think it was a great opportunity to bring it back and said yes.”

Lovato is a mental health advocate who practices what she preaches. While on tour, she makes sure to carve out time for herself.

“There’s one thing I love to do for myself, and that’s working out,” she said. “It’s an hour or two hours a day that I get to focus on myself and nothing else. I get to do what I really enjoy, which is mixed martial arts — and that’s kind of my time every day.”

Special guests DJ Khaled and Kehlani will join Lovato on tour, which kicks off later this month.

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