Christmas adverts: A definitive ranking of 2021's best

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Photo credit: Christmas adverts
Photo credit: Christmas adverts

'Tis the season to be jolly and all that, which also means it's the season to spend a lot of time on YouTube watching this year's best Christmas adverts. Because why wouldn't you want to feel jolly and bright all the time?

Like many before it, this year's Christmas commercial game is good; which makes this a truly difficult competition to judge, we trust you'll understand. But someone's got to do it, so without further ado, here's our definitive ranking of 2021's best Christmas adverts.

Argos Christmas advert 2021

Argos's Christmas advert is all about more is, well, more. It features explosions, blockbuster-style titles and the coveted Argos catalogue, which is reason enough to celebrate. "Baubles to last year" is the slogan, showing families, colleagues, friends and more celebrating a bigger and better Christmas after the disappointment of last year. The sentiment is there.

TK Maxx Christmas advert 2021

Seemingly taking inspiration from the 2018 Sainsbury's Christmas advert (who could forget #PlugBoy?) TK Maxx's Christmas advert is all about a school talent show. One student beats his stage fright with the help of a pair of metallic boots Jared Leto would be proud of. This way for sweet casting and cheesy dancing.

Lidl Christmas advert 2021

The message behind Lidl's futuristic Christmas advert? Their prices will *always* be, er, little. Just ask Uncle-Gary-who-lives-on-the-moon.

Asda Christmas advert 2021

Asda is turning aisles into ice-skating with their advert this year, encouraging shoppers to find festive fun every time they buy their groceries. The trailer also features a school performance (they got the memo, too), and champions their festive food range - with one child even dressed up as one of their festive Chocolate Orange Baubles. Cute.

JD Christmas advert 2021

A star-studded affair, the likes of Jude Bellingham, Little Simz and faces from YouTube and the music industry make up JD's Christmas advert, called 'Welcome To JD Street.' The ad is all about celebrating the best in British talent and was filmed on the streets of Greater Manchester, in the same neighbourhood where JD Sports was founded 40 years ago.

Boots Christmas advert 2021

Jenna Coleman from The Serpent is the star of Boots' Christmas advert, which is all about her nanna. After her grandma gifts her with a never-ending Mary Poppins style bag of treats, Jenna passes the joy on with beauty products and perfumes (and fake-eyelashes for the snowman) all round. We're into the never ending bag of presents idea, but three minutes is quiiiite a long advert to watch.

Disney Christmas advert 2021

Disney's Christmas advert celebrates The Stepdad, with a wider message about the importance of togetherness and family - whatever that might look like - during the festive period. Disney fans also get a glimpse of Minnie Mouse and Elsa from Frozen, all to the tune ofGregory Porter's 'Love Runs Deeper'. Well, you can't say their family message isn't clear.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2021

Nathan and Skye take centre stage in this year's John Lewis advert, which is all about an 'Unexpected Guest'. When her spaceship crashes in December, Skye is treated to her first Christmas full of traditions, including mince pies, decorating a tree and watching festive movies. The tear-inducing soundtrack is a cover of 'Together in Electric Dreams' by Lola Young.

Amazon Christmas advert 2021

Amazon's 2021 advert encourages kindness and checking in with those around you. It features a woman who gifts her younger neighbour a birdbox, after noticing she might be suffering from the stress of post-pandemic life. Explaining the idea behind the advert, Ed Smith, EU GM of Integrated Marketing at Amazon said, "The past 18 months have been challenging for people across the globe, including many young adults. Our time together cannot be taken for granted. So this year, whilst the world will not be totally back to normal, opportunities for kindness and connection will take on a newfound importance."

House Of Frazer Christmas advert 2021

We love a Christmas advert that feels festive, and this one is all about celebrating the special moments of December. Whether that's playing with a new toy, getting glammed up for a night out, or spending time with loved ones, all portrayed through a diverse and fun cast. Love!

Selfridges Christmas advert 2021

A camp and kitsch Christmas is exactly what the doctor ordered. Step forward: A QVC style shopping channel for luxury and fun gifts from Selfridges. As part of their 'Christmas Of Dreams' campaign, 2021 is all about giving people the gifts they actually want, and making sure each and every person in your life has something wrapped under the tree. Maybe we'll be avoiding the one for our ex, though.

Very Christmas advert 2021

Very's Christmas advert is a two parter, and plays into our favourite Christmas theory: Anything and everything goes in December! Whether that's flavoured gin at 11am or attempting to wear your pyjamas into the office. Or maybe it's binge-watching box sets in your bedroom or emptying the Quality Street tin of your favourite flavour before anyone else has had a look in. Add a chintzy choir into the mix and we're sold.

Marks and Spencer food Christmas advert 2021

This Nightmare At The Museum-esque Christmas advert sees Percy Pig come alive once lights are out in the M&S food hall. Side note: we would LOVE to be let loose in the Marks and Spencer food hall. Catch a glimpse at all of the goodies the supermarket has on offer this year, like gold leaf gin and golden blonde Christmas puddings, all the while enjoying Percy's hilarious adventure.

Sports Direct Christmas advert 2021

This is like a 'who's who?' of, the world of sport, and we kind of love it. Mason Mount, Emma Raducanu, Jessica Ennis and more enjoy a snowball fight in suburbia, and have incredibly similar reactions to the ones we have when we see it's snowing in the UK. 'What? Really?'

That's us officially feeling festive.


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