A definitive ranking of this year's best Christmas adverts

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Photo credit: McDonald's
Photo credit: McDonald's

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'Tis the season to be jolly and all that, which also means it's the season to spend a lot of time on YouTube watching re-runs of the year's best Christmas adverts.

Like many before it, this year's Christmas commercial game is good; which makes this a truly difficult competition to judge, we trust you'll understand.

But someone's got to do it, so without further ado, here's our definitive ranking of 2020's best Christmas adverts. Only 39 days to go.

1. McDonald's Christmas advert 2020

An emotional tear-jerker, the animated 'Inner Child' ad tells the all-too familiar story of a mum who is trying to get her teenage son to put down his screens and take part in festive family rituals in the run-up to Christmas. Wrestling with his inner child, he refuses to get involved until a trip to McDonald's where mum and son reconnect over their reindeer treats. Becky Hill provides the stunning soundtrack ~a cover of 'Forever Young'~ which will be released as a charity single for FareShare, the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors.

2. Coca-Cola Christmas advert 2020

Coca-Cola's Christmas ad is a certified heart-tugger. Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, it begins with a dad getting ready to leave home to go to work. As he's about to leave, his daughter hands him a letter for Santa and asks him to post it on his way. But busy at work, he eventually realises he's forgotten to post it and so he sets off on a mission to ensure it's safely delivered to Santa before Christmas. He sails across seas, scales sheer cliffs and wades through dense jungles before reaching the North Pole. The ad ends with him getting a lift back home from Santa, who hands over a letter as he gets out - can you guess what's inside? We're not crying, you are.

3. Disney Christmas advert 2020

This year's Disney offering tells the wonderfully touching story of a grandmother named Lola and her granddaughter. It begins in 1940 with a young Lola being given a Mickey Mouse toy that comes to symbolise her childhood and the connection to her granddaughter. As the years go by, Lola worries their special bond is starting to fade, but she's soon reminded just how adored she is. Keep an eye out for the Easter eggs and the five hidden Mickey Mouse toys scattered throughout this incredibly heart-warming three-minute watch.

4. Amazon Christmas advert 2020

Titled 'The Show Must Go On', Amazon's ad centres around a promising teen ballerina who is due to play the lead role in a show, but it ends up being cancelled due to the pandemic. However, making the best out of a bad situation, her family ensures the show goes on with the help of a few trusty Amazon products. Set to an instrumental cover of Queen’s The Show Must Go On, it ends with her going ahead with the performance outside her home as her neighbours all watch on in delight.

5. Tesco Christmas advert 2020

Tesco has truly embraced the bizarre year we've had with an ad that follows various people across the UK revealing what might put them on the naughty list this year - from bad hair cuts to buying too much loo roll. But the supermarket is here to remind us that there is no 'naughty list' this year, and that everyone definitely deserves to tuck into the finest food and drink. To top off the awesome ad, Britney Spears classic 'Oops!... I Did It Again' is the soundtrack.

5. Aldi Christmas advert 2020

Kevin The Carrot makes a welcome return in this year's Aldi ad, but will he make it home in time for Christmas? "It’s not Christmas until my daddy gets home," Baby Carrot says before we see Kevin bumping into a friendly hedgehog on his quest to get back to his loved ones. The pair come up against a whole host of obstacles, but they eventually stumble across Santa who delivers them safely home on his bike. It ends with Santa declaring, "The magical moment was finally here, Christmas together with those you hold dear."

6. TK Maxx Christmas advert 2020

Bringing the festive LOLs this year, TK Maxx's Lil' Goat advert ~narrated by Bill Nighy~ kicks off with a goat serving-up lots of attitude as she skids along the ice in a stylish designer outfit. The camera then cuts to a farmer couple looking out of their window at the unfolding scene in a state of astonishment. Susan looks confused and asks Gary, “Did you buy the goat a designer outfit?” Gary looks on tenderly with a tear in his eye and replies, “Yes, she’s had such a hard year. She bloomin’ well deserves it if you ask me.”

7. Argos Christmas advert 2020

Set to the tune of Gary Barlow's brand new single 'Incredible', the advert starts with two sisters, Lucy and Daisy, circling a magic trick set in the Argos Christmas gift guide. The girls ~with the help of a sausage dog~ then transform into magicians as they perform a series of magic tricks in their front room for their mesmerised family members.

8. Lidl Christmas advert 2020

Lidl's animated advert hilariously pokes fun at lots of other Christmas ads, including supermarket rival Aldi and Kevin The Carrot. "We don't need cutesy characters when carrots taste this good," the narrator warbles as a character pops a carrot on their plate. Ryan McDonnell, Commercial Director at Lidl GB, said, “We all need a little light relief this year, so we wanted our Christmas ad to show customers that our commitment to high quality at Lidl prices means everyone can believe in a great Christmas – and we had a bit of fun doing it too!” It's a gem.

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