‘Definately’: Line of Duty fans think subtle misspelling holds key to H’s identity

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Kelly Macdonald as Jo Davidson in Line of Duty (BBC)
Kelly Macdonald as Jo Davidson in Line of Duty (BBC)

Line of Duty fans think a subtle misspelling in a scene from the latest episode could be the key to figuring out the identity of “H”.

Spoilers follow for Line of Duty series six, episode five...

In Sunday’s (18 April) episode, corrupt police officer Jo Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) is seen messaging with an anonymous OCG handler, something she has done in previous episodes.

At one point in the short exchange, the other party misspells the word “definitely” as “definately”.

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As fans were quick to spot, the same misspelling has been used on the series before – by none other than superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar).

In series five, “H” misspelled the word the same way in his communications with John Corbett (Stephen Graham) and Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall). 

After AC-12 hacked into the villain’s laptop, Hastings began to impersonate “H”, misspelling “definately” in a what he claimed was a studied attempt to mimic “H”’s language.

The new scene has many people convinced that Hastings has in fact been the so-called “fourth man” all along, and the episode provided several other clues that this could be the case.


Dunbar also weighed in on the speculation with a cryptic comment when appearing on a morning talk show earlier today (19 April).

You can read a full recap of the biggest talking points from Line of Duty’s latest episode here, including the revelation that Davidson’s mystery blood relative is none other than Tommy Hunter.

Line of Duty continues at 9pm on Sunday on BBC One.

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