Debra Messing tests positive for Covid-19

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Debra Messing has tested positive for Covid-19.

The 53-year-old actress shared her diagnosis on Instagram on Thursday, beneath a photo of her wearing a pink bonnet and sheet face mask.

"I'm COVID POSITIVE. Yup. Happy New Year! Actually, it is the perfect end to 2021. The juicy cherry on the proverbial cake," the Will & Grace star wrote.

Messing added that she plans to "beautify" or "sleep" during her ten days of quarantine. While she insisted she has "a lot of work to do", she asked her followers to recommend TV shows to watch during her breaks.

The Emmy winner's diagnosis comes as she mourns the loss of her ex-partner Will Chase's ex-wife, Lori Davis, who passed away after a brief battle with breast cancer, according to People.

"I can't believe you're gone. No doubt, heaven has a new bright light. It's not fair. You're so good. So loving, funny, nurturing, loyal, open, optimistic, and ready to celebrate...anything," she shared earlier this week.

"Ours was a unique bond. Lori was my ex-partner's ex-wife. Yes, that's right. And the mother to 2 spectacular girls who I had the opportunity to fall in love with, and who became the sisters my boy never had."

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