Bathroom or kitchen? Twitter users debate the best place to keep a washing machine

A debate has been sparked online about whether washing machines belong in the kitchen [Photo: Getty]

Serious Q, where is your washing machine?

If you’re British chances are it’s in your kitchen.

But, a German woman has really rocked the laundry basket after claiming that the best place for a washing machine is in fact the bathroom.

Taking to social media, Twitter user Melis, explained that in Germany “It‘s the MOST NORMAL thing” to have the washing machine in the bathroom and not the kitchen where it “definitely doesn’t belong.”

Of course her tweet went insanely viral, lead mainly by baffled Brits who couldn’t imagine putting the household device anywhere else (well, apart from a utility room if you’re lucky).

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Many argued that the kitchen is the only room there is space to house a washing machine.

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Though Brits were totally confused about the washing machine in the bathroom revelation, pretty much the rest of the world couldn’t understand why you’d have a washing machine anywhere else.

It isn’t the first time this debate has lit up social media.

Back in 2017 ‘Location, Location, Location’ presenter Kirsty Allsopp kicked of the discussion after saying she doesn’t believe washing machines belong in kitchens.

“It is disgusting, my life's work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen,” she wrote.

But is Kirsty right to question how hygienic it is to keep washing machines in the kitchen?

“Having your washing machine in the kitchen isn’t unhygienic as long as you don’t place your dirty socks on the chopping board ;),” explains Roxanna Pelka from

“More important is that you clean your washing machine regularly as it is a real germ incubator itself, especially if it doesn’t get cleaned with every washing cycle.

“To avoid the spread of bacteria and smells, pour 50g baking soda into the drum and fill up the detergent drawer with 50ml of vinegar. After only one empty run, the now lime-free drum smells fresh again!”