Death in Paradise's Ralf Little teases "unusual" perk of the job

death in paradise, ralf little as neville parker
Death in Paradise star teases "unusual" job perkRed Planet/Denis Guyenon - BBC

Death in Paradise actor Ralf Little has given fans a glimpse at a "somewhat unusual" perk of working on the acclaimed BBC series.

The primetime murder mystery show is famed for its breathtaking location, as the series is shot and based in the Caribbean.

Little, who plays DI Neville Parker on the show, teased an unexpected bonus of location filming – fresh coconuts.

In an Instagram reel, he explained: "Now, it's pretty normal on a film set to get snacks and drinks around the mid-morning, but what is somewhat unusual about this job is that here, it's a fresh coconut. Love it."

He captioned the video: "It's the small things that make a difference on a long shoot day in Guadeloupe!”

Little often shares updates during breaks in filming and post-production for Death in Paradise. He regularly streams Q&As for fans on Instagram, and shared an update from a "fun ADR session", where he was re-recording lines for an episode where the on-set audio was "not ideal".

In his most recent Q&A, he confirmed that the thirteenth season of Death in Paradise is set to wrap shooting on October 29.

The actor went on to speculate that the upcoming season could be released on TV as soon as January, after the Christmas special later this year.

Little also teased what fans can expect from the new episodes: "More of the same, the stuff that we know and love. We're going to try and pick up it with the tone [from] at the end of last year.

"We really tried to push the boat out with series 12. Not just a mystery every week, solving the mystery and moving on, but in the course of a series really trying to find challenges for the main characters... There's going to be more challenges [ahead] for the characters."

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One.

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