Death in Paradise star Tahj Miles teases major storyline for season 11

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Death in Paradise star Tahj Miles has opened up about what to expect for the rest of season 11 – and it sounds seriously juicy! The actor plays Marlon in the hit show, and revealed that there will be plenty to discuss on the island of St. Marie in the upcoming episodes.

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Chatting to HELLO! for our Death in Paradise special, Under the Palms, he said: "There're a lot of moments between him and Naomi that the audience will love! In one episode we get to meet a person from his past, one of his former work colleagues

WATCH: Tahj opened up about season 11 in HELLO!'s Under the Palms

"We meet someone who he was very close with, and see that dynamic now that he is working for the enemy, essentially, and she is involved in the investigation. It's seeing what it's like now where you still have that love and respect for that person, and how that would work."

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Will Marlon return to his criminal old ways? We certainly hope not! The actor also opened up about whether fans can be expecting any potential romance between Marlon and the police station's newest sergeant, Naomi Thomas.


Tahj opened up about season 11

"I don't know," he said when asked about a future romance. "I think Marlon's a bit of a cheeky chappy and has a bit of charm, so it is a possibility for any female character, there could be something there with Marlon because he's so cheeky… but in the work environment I don't think he'll go there.

"He wouldn't push any boundaries that might jeopardise this new job he literally just got and kept him out of jail! I feel like in the work environment he'll keep it professional. But outside of the office, who knows."

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