Death in Paradise star Shantol Jackson weighs in on Marlon and Naomi romance rumours

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Viewers are loving the new partnership of Marlon and Naomi on Death in Paradise, but are the pair actually going to get together? Chatting to HELLO!, the show's newest cast member weighed in on the romance rumours.

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She said: "We don't know, we'll have to wait and see! Right now I think they're getting to know each other and building a really good friendship, but you never know!" Tahj Miles, who plays Marlon on the show, previously hinted that he thinks Marlon certainly may have a crush on Naomi, joking: "I wouldn't be surprised. She's very beautiful."

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He added: "I don't know! I think Marlon's a bit of a cheeky chappy and has a bit of charm, so it is a possibility for any female character, there could something there with Marlon because he's so cheeky… but in the work environment I don't think he'll go there.

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"He wouldn't push any boundaries that might jeopardize this new job he literally just got and kept him out of jail! I feel like in the work environment he'll keep it professional. But outside of the office, who knows."


Will romance blossom between the pair?

Episode four is set to air on Friday, and fans of the show have been concerned about Florence's wellbeing after the preview teased her being in danger. Posting on Twitter, one fan wrote: Worried for my dear friend Florence," while another added: "As I said last week, if anything happens to my darling Florence… #DeathInParadise." A third person added: "Surely Florence won’t get shot twice whilst in the line of duty? That’d be reaaaaaaally unlucky Confounded face #deathinparadise."

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