Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little shares sweet story about his mum staying with him

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He may be playing a big shot detective on BBC’s Death in Paradise, but actor Ralf Little is still making time to watch a Sunday film with his mum.

The 40-year-old actor of The Royal Family fame shared the sweetest post about his mum with fans on Twitter yesterday – and she sounds like a character.

“Mum’s last day staying with me. Bit of bickering - we’re ready for our own space,” he wrote.

“But I just asked what film she wanted to watch next and from NOWHERE she firmly announced, ‘Terminator 2’.

“She’s mid-70s. Can’t have seen it for 20 years. And right now I couldn’t love her more. 💕”

It’s a classic to be fair.

In a follow up tweet he joked: “(That said I know for a fact she’ll talk ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT and ask ‘which one’s he again?’ at least 8 times. It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger mum. Same as every other time you asked).”

Fans looked to the moments section to share their own mum stories with one follower writing: “Love this. My mum, who died a few years ago in her 80s, was crazy about films. Her favourites included the first three Terminator films, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch!”

While another added: “My mum’s in her eighties. Favourite movie = Die Hard. Closely followed by any Jason Bourne movie.”

Ralf just made his Death in Paradise debut as DI Neville Parker – replacing Ardal O’Hanlon’s DI Jack Mooneyto high praise from fans.

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