Death in Paradise bosses on chances of more spin-offs after Beyond Paradise

esther williams and di humphrey goodman in beyond paradise
Death in Paradise bosses talk more spin-offsCraig Hardie / Red Planet Pictures - BBC

Death in Paradise bosses Tony Jordan and Tim Key have discussed the prospect of more spin-offs following the premiere of Beyond Paradise.

The new detective series, which began on Friday (24 February), sees Kris Marshall's Humphrey Goodman resume his crime-solving ways in the Devon town of Shipton Abbey, and the producers revealed that the fictional universe could be expanded.

"Yes, the potential is there [to do more spin-offs]," Key said. "The 'universe' is the right word – you need to believe that these two shows could feed into each other. We've been so lucky to work with people on Death in Paradise who are still friends of ours and friends of the company.

esther williams and di humphrey goodman in beyond paradise
Craig Hardie / Red Planet Pictures - BBC

"I don't think there's anybody we wouldn't look at and ask: 'Where are they now? What are they doing?'"

"With these things, you have to do them for the right reasons and that's my big thing," added Jordan. "If I smelt just a whiff of cynicism about this show, I wouldn't go near it. I think that'd be the same going forward. There has to be a real integrity to them.

"You have to say: 'You know what? There's a show here – there's something really cool here'. We take this one ingredient, we plant it and we've got something completely different. It's of the same genre and the same universe, but it's another part of the forest and I'm fascinated by that."

beyond paradise's humphrey goodman kris marshall and martha lloyd sally bretton
Red Planet Pictures / Todd Anthony - BBC

The opening episode of Beyond Paradise saw many fans take to social media to deliver their verdicts.

Whilst many were happy to see Marshall back on our screens, delving into the tragic personal circumstances surrounding Humphrey and Martha's attempts to expand their family sets a more sombre tone on the series than they're used to with the parent show.

Beyond Paradise airs Fridays at 8pm on BBC One. Both Death in Paradise and its spin-off are available on BBC iPlayer.

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