Death to 2021: viewers are saying the same thing about Netflix show

Starring the likes of Hugh Grant, Stockard Channing and Lucy Liu, Netflix's Death to 2021 looks at the major events over the last year. But what are viewers saying about the latest one-off special from Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker? Find out here…

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Viewers have been full of praise for the new episode, which people have been calling both funny and troubling on social media due to its reflection on climate change. However, there is one cast member who fans of the show were particularly impressed with; Hugh Grant!

WATCH: Hugh Grant stars in the new Netflix special

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "Hugh Grant wins my heart once again! Omg!" Another viewer added: "I much preferred DEATH TO 2021 over DEATH TO 2020. Diane Morgan and Hugh Grant were the MVPs; but really enjoyed Tracey Ullman, Stockard Channing and Samson Kayo."

A third person tweeted: "#DeathTo2020 was outstanding, and #DeathTo2021 is perhaps even better. Hugh Grant's misogynist anti-woke professor is back and worse than ever, and they've got Stockard Channing and Lucy Liu in to take down American politics. Very dark comedy, but so good."


Have you watched the special yet?

Plenty of viewers have been comparing the show to Netflix's new satirical film, Don't Look Up, with others addressing the more serious topics of the show.

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One person wrote: "Just watched #Deathto2021 It’s billed as a comedy. I’m not so sure. 'We end the year as we began it, polarised versus divided, progressives versus conservatives, vaxxed versus unvaxxed, science versus whatever the [expletive] mental opposite of [expletive] science is.'" Another added: "If you’ve nothing better to do then watch #DeathTo2021 on Netflix. Here’s much needed education on climate change."

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