‘Deadpool’ Actor Stefan Kapicic Signs With CESD Talent Agency

Stefan Kapicic, the actor known for playing the mutant hero Colossus in the Deadpool films, has signed with CESD Talent Agency. He will be repped by Pedro Tapia out of Los Angeles and New York-based agent Mallory Tucker.

The move comes as Kapicic is preparing for the July 26 launch of Deadpool & Wolverine, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, and marks Deadpool’s first film made by Marvel Studios. Kapicic first played the Russian mutant Colossus in 2016’s boundary-pushing Deadpool, and expanded the role two years later with Deadpool 2. A glimpse of his work was seen in Deadpool & Wolverine‘s Super Bowl trailer, which Disney has touted as the most viewed trailer of all time.

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He recently starred in The Last Voyage of Demeter, the Universal and Amblin period take on Dracula. He played the crewman Olgaren for horror maestro André Øvredal in the film, which starred Corey Hawkins. He also works as an actor on the Call of Duty video game franchise, and had a role on Better Call Saul as one of the men who built the meth superlab known to Breaking Bad fans.

Kapicic continues to be repped by his manager Matt Kniaz at Crimson Media, and by BMZ Law.

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