Deadpool 3 international trailer makes an extremely careful swap from the NSFW version

 Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool and Wolverine.
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool and Wolverine.

The first trailer for Deadpool 3 just arrived during Super Bowl LVII – and its most NSFW moment has already been edited.

Officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine, the absolutely wild trailer contains one very inappropriate piece of dialogue (because what would a Deadpool movie be without inappropriate dialogue) that has already been edited to be a bit more family-friendly for international audiences.

When the TVA comes to kidnap Wade Wilson, their foot soldiers immediately break out batons. Wade looks at the batons and deadpans, "Pegging isn't new for me, friendo, but it is for Disney."

The line is a direct reference to a scene that happens in the first Deadpool, and is a laugh-out-loud moment for not only fans of the franchise but for those who were worried the superhero would lose his edge after joining Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. The international cut of the trailer replaces the term 'pegging' with 'R-Rating.' The swap can be seen below.

The chaotic trailer starts with a kidnapping – orchestrated by none other than Succession star Matthew Macfayden whose character works for the TVA (yes, the one from Loki) – and dives into clip after clip of action, violence, and some cool mid-air gun re-loading. Did we mention that Wolverine also shows up and immediately stabs Deadpool in the chest? There's also a plethora of Marvel Easter eggs – and one that hints at an upcoming Avengers movie.

Deadpool 3 is released in theaters on July 25 in the UK and July 26 in the US, as part of Marvel Phase 5. For more on the MCU, here are all the upcoming Marvel movies and shows on the way, as well as our breakdown of how to watch the Marvel movies in order.