Dead To Me season 3 is here! But what happened at the end of season 2?

Block out your calendar, it's official: Dead To Me season three is here. The series landed on Netflix today (17 November), more than two whole years after season two arrived in May 2020. And, in case you didn't guess, we couldn't be more excited.

As for a Dead To Me season four, Netflix has sadly confirmed that S3 will be the last instalment for the show. So, time to get settled in to fully experience all that the third series has to offer.

We're picking back up with Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) for Dead To Me S3. But, after two complete trips around the sun, you'd be forgiven for forgetting some of what happened in series two.

Fear not, because we've got a full round-up of what went down last season, meaning you're primed and ready to stuck into S3. You're welcome.

What happened at the end of Dead To Me season 2?

We're taking it right back to the season two finale, which centred on Jen attempting to right her wrongs by finally confessing to Steve's murder. She explains everything to Detective Perez although, when it comes to finding the body, Jen is unable to track down the burial spot.

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Perez then, offering some empathy, decides to let Jen go. It seems as though she may be in the clear but, in the episode's final moments, we see a hiker accidentally finding the body. Will the body's discovery change things for Jen in season three? Or will Perez be happy to turn a blind eye?

Prior to her confession, Jen is of course convinced that she'll go to prison and so prepares for her future. That includes writing a letter for Judy - which Jen's son Charlie accidentally discovers. Charlie and Jen have already had a rocky relationship, so how will he feel once he discovers the full extent of what his mother has done?

On top of the body discovery, there's another cliffhanger at the end of season two: Jen and Judy's car crash. The pair are hit by Benjamin, who is speeding and drink driving after finding out the news about his twin brother Steve's body. Ben hits Jen and Judy and then drives off, though it's unclear whether he knows exactly who he has crashed into. Judy seems to have avoided the worst, with Jen unconscious at first before coming to at the end of the episode.

dead to me season 2 ending

The season two ending left us with all kinds of questions: will Jen and Judy be linked to Steve's body? And will Ben and Charlie find out the truth? Plus, how will Jen recover from the car crash?

Happy watching!

Dead To Me season three is streaming on Netflix now.

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