Dead To Me creator explains the reason behind heartbreaking season 3 ending

Dead To Me season three *finally* dropped on Netflix last week (17 November), with fans coming to terms with a true tear-jerker of a series. Yep, this one was emotional. And now the show's creator has opened up about the reasons behind S3's heartbreaking ending. *Spoilers ahead*.

After two years of waiting, Dead To Me series three picks back up with Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), after their dramatic car crash in the season two finale. However, as the pair deal with the aftermath, both women receive shocking news set to change their lives.

Plus, just to add to all of our emotions surrounding this series, Netflix has confirmed that Dead To Me S3 will sadly be the finale series for the show. The news was announced back in 2020, with star and executive producer Christina Applegate saying at the time, "We felt this was the best way to tie up the story of these women."

dead to me season 3 creator opens up about ending

As for the series three ending, the season sees Judy heartbreakingly diagnosed with cancer. Jen, meanwhile, gets pregnant with Ben’s (James Marsden) baby, and Judy winds up confessing to killing Steve (Ben's brother), when it was actually Jen back in season one.

Judy then tragically dies at the end of the series, though she first manages to convince Jen to be honest with Ben about everything,

Opening up about the series' heartbreaking ending, Dead To Me writer and executive producer Liz Feldman told Variety that she had decided how the end S3 while still filming season two back in 2020.

She went on to explain that Judy's story is tragically inspired by real life events, saying, "I felt a little bit nervous about the idea of the story I’ve chosen to tell, even though it’s based in deep reality and Judy is a character who is inspired by multiple people, but mostly a friend of mine who passed away of cancer at 38." She added, "I wanted it to be satisfying, but I also wanted it to be a real expression of what it means to go through grief and loss."

dead to me season 3 creator opens up about ending
Saeed Adyani/NETFLIX - Netflix

The show's final scene sees Jen telling Ben that she needs to talk about something, though we never find out if she confesses to killing Steve. Feldman has explained that the show is deliberately open-ended, saying, "I didn’t want to put too fine a period on anything. This show always ends with an ellipsis. I didn’t want to stray from that." She went on, "My experience with grief is, you don’t know what happens. That’s why it’s so long lasting."

Sharing details on whether Jen does confess to Ben, Feldman added, "I think that’s for you and for the audience to explore for himself. If I had wanted to explore that, I would have."

Argh, so many questions. Either way, we're in need of more tissues.

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