Today's the day we officially start feeling festive

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Brits say putting up their Christmas tree gets them in the festive spirit [Photo: Getty]
Brits say putting up their Christmas tree gets them in the festive spirit [Photo: Getty]

Your tree’s not up, you’ve not even started your Christmas shopping and yesterday’s Gingerbread latte failed to raise your Bah Humbug spirits.

But, if you’ve been feeling all the festive FOMO fear not because today, 5 December, is the date when the nation officially starts to get into the Christmas spirit.

A survey of 1,000 people has revealed that the majority (52%) of Brits officially start the countdown to Christmas from this date.

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When asked what marks the start of the season, over half (51%) cited the task of putting up their Christmas tree as the job that gives them the festive feels.

Meanwhile around a third (32%) claimed it was hitting the shops to start shopping for gifts that kickstarts that Christmassy feeling.

We may have been bombarded with heart-tugging Christmas ads since early November, but a third of us (31%) said that seeing an iconic Christmas advert for the first time symbolises Christmas for them, while a quarter (24%) said it was when they sit down to wrap their presents for family and friends.

A further quarter (25%) of respondents got their Christmas kicks by visiting a festive market, symbolising that the festive season had officially begun.

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Christmas markets were another marker of feeling festive [Photo: Getty]
Christmas markets were another marker of feeling festive [Photo: Getty]

But, it turns out us where we live could play a part in how Christmassy we feel with the poll hinting that the Northern Irish are the most festive, getting in the spirit from as early as 26 September.

Residents from the North East, however, admitted to not feeling festive until the actual week before Christmas.

Commenting on the findings Stephen Evans, managing director at Christmas Tree World, who conducted the study said: “It’s official, 5th December is when the festive feeling truly starts to kick in for us Brits.

“Shopping for gifts, visiting festive attractions and tuning into Christmas adverts are all obvious indicators the Christmas season is upon us, but it’s clear that the majority of us only start to get into the spirit when our homes are given a festive overhaul marked by the Christmas tree and decorations being put up.”

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