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Happy Anniversary

While we love our light and breezy romantic comedies, Happy Anniversary is a refreshing look at what happens after the meet-cute. Sam and Molly, like many who find themselves in long-term relationships, struggle to accept the idea that love isn't just grand, romantic gestures and passion - it's hard work, tears, and struggle, but still a lot of laughs. Also, Ben Schwartz and Noël Wells - who you may better known as Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation and Rachel on Master of None - are actually perfect together.

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If you're in need of a good laugh, take a break from your daily to-do list, sit down, and watch these hilarious comedies starring women on Netflix. There's nothing that can lighten a somber mood like a little humor, and these women-led films will surely put a smile on your face. From Amy Poehler's written, directed, and starred-in movie Wine Country to a slew of Jennifer Aniston's adorable rom-coms, we're certain you'll add these motion pictures to your watch list ASAP. Get comfortable, grab some popcorn (or a glass of wine), and have yourself a night on the couch! These Netflix movies will make for the perfect evening spent at home.

- Additional reporting by Hedy Phillips


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