Dawn French blasts scammers using her name to sell diet pills

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Dawn French has slammed scammers for using her name and image to flog diet pills.

The Vicar of Dibley actress, who lost seven stone in 2014, has been forced to shut down the scammers five times as they keep using her image on social media ads for controversial ketone pills, which have been billed as the U.K.'s strongest legal fat-burner, although the claims have not been supported by nutritionists or scientists.

"I think this might be the fifth time I've had to shut down these s***ty scoundrels - using my name illegally to sell their c**ppy pills. It infuriates me. It's a total rip-off," she told The Sun. "What a stinky way to exploit trusting folk who might well already be in a pickle with their self-esteem.

"I can't stand that I am associated in any way - and none of us know what actually is in these pills. So much damage can be done. It's truly dangerous."

Dawn, 63, shed her weight through healthy eating and exercise and made it known that she didn't want to become the poster woman for dieting. However, the ads for the pills claim her "magical transformation" was down to the "right mix of low carbohydrates and excessive fat" found in the tablets.

Dawn isn't alone - Holly Willoughby, Cheryl and Susanna Reid have also been used in diet pill adverts without their permission.

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