Davina McCall denies claim that she’s ‘turning her menopause into a money-spinning brand’

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Davina McCall has shared a video statement in response to a newspaper article that claims she is “monetising the menopause”.

McCall has trademarked the word ‘menopausing’ to protect the title of her new book, in which she shares menopause stories and expert advice around the subject. The project was inspired by her recent Channel 4 documentary Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause.

An article published by The Mail on Sunday over the weekend claimed that McCall is “turning her menopause into a money-spinning brand”. It also reported that she intends to sell branded goods including lotions, scented candles, nutritional supplements, books and kitchenware.

In the video, which was shared hours after the article, McCall denied that she is making products and insisted she would “never try and make money out of women when they’re at their most vulnerable”.

“Hey, I’m taking the measure to do an answer back to the Mail on Sunday’s article today saying that I’m trying to monetise the menopause, which is absolutely not what I’m doing,” she said.

“I have trademarked the word ‘menopausing’, which I have given to a website and on Instagram.”

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“I’ve trademarked it to protect my book, which is coming out next year to help women using lots of menopause experts and I’ve used the website to get your stories to put in the book,” McCall explained.

“I’m not making products, I would never try and make money out of women when they’re at their most vulnerable. All I want to do is support women and I am fuming with the Mail for implying that I’d even do something like kitchen gadgets with the word menopausing on it.

“Absolute Wassocks. That was not my intention.”

Celebrities have shared support with McCall, such as Gabby Logan who replied: “Don’t even for one second let this DM nonsense enter your beautiful spirit and dampen your genuine passion to spread positivity and knowledge.”

Sara Cox commented: “Babe. Just keep on keeping on. We need you to.”

Skin added: “This is exactly why I never read it and everyone commenting should do the same, We’d all be much happier if we just took it out of our lives.”

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