David Walliams fears Britain's Got Talent may be postponed due to Covid-19

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David Walliams fears Britain's Got Talent could be postponed or cancelled again next year due to the rise in Covid-19 cases.

Producers have reportedly booked the London Palladium from 17 January for four days to begin filming a new series after its 2021 edition was cancelled.

However, Walliams has now admitted the new series could be in doubt, as the Omicron variant of the virus sweeps through the U.K.

"We're meant to be coming back in January. We're going to start filming the auditions in January and February, all being well. But obviously, it's a bit of an uncertain world, which is why we had to cancel the series this year," he told the Daily Mirror.

Stating that the safety of participants and crew is essential, he added, "I say we, they cancelled it. I would've quite happily done it as long as we could've kept everyone safe.

"But I think because of the nature of the show, it involves so many people, I just think there wasn't a way to do it that was safe. It was sad, but we couldn't do it."

In the interview, Walliams also revealed his favourite ever winner - Ashleigh Jade Butler and Pudsey the dog, who triumphed in his first series as a judge in 2012.

"I think the first year I did it Ashleigh and Pudsey won it. It was just so wonderfully joyous and bonkers. And it was really sweet because it was so genuine," Walliams gushed.

"It wasn't like someone who had tried to be successful and hadn't quite managed it and was having a go on this show. It was like, 'Oh, she's a sweet girl who loves her dog and just made everyone happy.' It's so silly, why is dancing to The Flintstones with a dog so entertaining?"

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