David and Victoria Beckham Spoofed Their Viral "Be Honest" Rolls-Royce Moment for a Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

And who, exactly, is Jessica Aniston?

<p>Samir Hussein/WireImage</p>

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Last October, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham basically won the internet with the release of Netflix's Beckham. Of course, one moment from the docu-series stood out — and the beloved couple poked fun at it for a new Uber Eats commercial for this year's Super Bowl. In the new clip, the husband-and-wife duo reenacts the now-famous "be honest" conversation, which happened when Victoria admitted to the audience that she was driven to school in her father's Rolls-Royce after attempting to convince viewers that she had a humble upbringing (in the show, her exact words were "very working class").



"So David and I are gonna be in a little commercial," Victoria says while wearing her “my dad had a Rolls-Royce" T-shirt, which she released after the documentary aired and has subsequently sold out. Just like in the series, David pokes his head into the frame and tells her to "be honest, be honest!"

"OK. It's a big commercial," Victoria continues, before fumbling over which big event, calling it a "baseball game."

"The super-big baseball game," David jokes.

In her signature cheeky style, Victoria keeps at it, calling the Super Bowl something else entirely: "Or was it the hockey bowl?"

"Hockey bowl. Oh, and tell them about Jessica Anniston," David adds.

"Jessica Anniston is gonna be in it, too," Victoria finishes before David says, "We love Jessica."

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While Super Bowl ads used to premiere during the actual game, big brands have made it a habit to drop the clips before kickoff. This year, the Super Bowl will be held in Las Vegas on Sunday, Feb. 11.

This isn't David's first Super Bowl ad, either. Back in 2012 and 2014, he starred in ads for retailer H&M, where he stripped down to his underwear to promote his line of men's essentials for the store.

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